Activated Carbon, Bentonite Bleaching Clay & Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS)

We collaborate with innovative and quality-oriented international suppliers that produce a full line of Activated Carbon, Bentonite Bleaching Clay and Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS). We provide full technical, turn-key support on all our products!




Activated Carbon (Powdered, Extruded, Granular, Impregnated)

Our products are produced to the highest quality standards and are based on hard coal, coconut shell coke, brown coal, charcoal and wood

  • Gas-phase applications

    • Air quality management

    • Flue gas cleaning

    • Solvent recovery

  • Liquid-phase applications

    • Drinking water purification, waste water & effluent

    • Dechlorination of process water

    • Decolorizing of edible oils, glucose, fats & sugar, fruit juice

    • Organics & patulin removal in fruit juice

Bentonite Bleaching Clay (Varying particle size distribution)

  • Beverage (Fruit juice & Wine)

  • Food (Edible oil)

Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS)

  • Biogas concentration

  • Distribution of zeolitic molecular sieves

  • Hydrogen purification

  • Nitrogen generation