Food Ingredients

We specialise in Food Ingredients! For more information on our products, please refer to the product groups below.

Cellulose & Insoluble Dietary Fibre

We supply a complete line of multi-functional insoluble dietary fibre for food applications, that offer nutritional benefits for the consumer (fibre enrichment and calorie reduction) as well as techno…

Herbs, Spices & Vegetables (Dehydrated)

We supply a full range of premium quality Dehydrated Herbs, Spices and Vegetables on a JUST-IN-TIME (JIT) basis. Our products are cleaned, re-cleaned, sifted, sorted, ground, metal-detected and steam-…

Freeze-Dried Herbs, Spices & Vegetables

A diverse range of premium quality Freeze-Dried Herbs, Spices and Vegetables is available from our specialist supplier in Germany.

Freeze-Dried Fruit (Organic & Conventional)

A complete range of premium quality Freeze-Dried Fruit (Red Fruit, Yellow Fruit, Tropical Fruit and Power Fruit) is available in a multitude of different cut sizes (powder, 0-6mm, 2-10mm, 6-12mm, whol…

Natural Fruit Based Ingredients

We supply an innovative range of Fruit Granulates, High Brix Pastes, Pure Fruit Shapes and Fruit Juice Drops for a variety of food applications. Our products have a high natural fruit content, natural…

Additives & Processing Aids

We supply a diverse range of Additives and Processing Aids for various food applications, on a JUST-IN-TIME basis, in line with our customers’ consumption requirements.